Ruffer has blind confidence in his investment in Bitcoin

Ruffer, the investment company, reaffirmed its confidence in Bitcoin to its investors after its acquisition in December. We’re telling you!

In his year-end review, Ruffer assured his investors that they remain confident about their unconventional investment in Bitcoin.
Institutional investors stay true to the leading crypto

It’s worth remembering that, in December, Ruffer, who manages USD 20.3 billion in assets, allocated 2.5% of his Multi-Strategy Fund to Bitcoin.

However, his exposure to leading crypto doesn’t end there. The firm is exposed to Bitcoin through the shares of MicroStrategy and Galaxy Digital.

In this sense, Ruffer reaffirmed his confidence in Bitcoin to the company’s investors. The reason? They claim to have entered the crypto market early, „at the foot of a long trend of institutional adoption… of Bitcoin.

In fact, Ruffer’s chairman, Jonathan Ruffer, said last week that Bitcoin is even „becoming a challenge to the position of gold as the only supercurrency.

Bitcoin’s Bullrun and Its Relationship to the Halving

Crypto Monday prediction for Bitcoin price

We start the week with renewed optimism for Bitcoin’s price. How far do the predictions for the leading crypto go?

First we have Lawrence Summers, former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, who, according to Bloomberg, assures that Bitcoin’s finite supply „will be a factor in driving up prices.

In addition, the former Secretary of the Treasury, although he did not dare to issue an exact prediction for crypto in the short term, believes that „some institutions“ seem to like it and, therefore, „it is here to stay“.

Secondly, we have Pantera Capital, the investment firm and hedge fund, which, according to CoinTelegraph, suggested that its data indicate that the leading crypto could be directed to USD 115,212 by August 1. Yes, gentlemen, a rather bold prediction, but will it come true?

And, last but not least, JPMorgan strategists said that Grayscale plays a key role in pushing Bitcoin to $40,000.

„The flow into the Bitcoin trust at Grayscale would probably need to maintain its pace of $100 million a day for the next few days and weeks for such a break to occur.

Steve Forbes on Bitcoin’s steady supply

Steve Forbes believes that the limited supply of Bitcoin is a disadvantage

On January 15, Steve Forbes published a Tweet where he assured that „Bitcoin is booming, but it still won’t replace the dollar.

In addition, he said that, in fact, the limited supply characteristic of leading crypto is actually a constraint when trying to meet the needs of a growing economy.

Bitcoin price remains calm in the short term

3iQ’s Leading Crypto Background Reaches Maximum with Demand

The Bitcoin Investment Fund of 3iQ Corp, the Canadian company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, reported reaching over CAD 1 billion in market capitalization.

And with this, it passed an important crypto milestone; this while its Ethereum Fund has managed to start trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The Bitcoin 3iQ Fund reported a peak in its crypto holdings

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