Ruffer has blind confidence in his investment in Bitcoin

Ruffer, the investment company, reaffirmed its confidence in Bitcoin to its investors after its acquisition in December. We’re telling you!

In his year-end review, Ruffer assured his investors that they remain confident about their unconventional investment in Bitcoin.
Institutional investors stay true to the leading crypto

It’s worth remembering that, in December, Ruffer, who manages USD 20.3 billion in assets, allocated 2.5% of his Multi-Strategy Fund to Bitcoin.

However, his exposure to leading crypto doesn’t end there. The firm is exposed to Bitcoin through the shares of MicroStrategy and Galaxy Digital.

In this sense, Ruffer reaffirmed his confidence in Bitcoin to the company’s investors. The reason? They claim to have entered the crypto market early, „at the foot of a long trend of institutional adoption… of Bitcoin.

In fact, Ruffer’s chairman, Jonathan Ruffer, said last week that Bitcoin is even „becoming a challenge to the position of gold as the only supercurrency.

Bitcoin’s Bullrun and Its Relationship to the Halving

Crypto Monday prediction for Bitcoin price

We start the week with renewed optimism for Bitcoin’s price. How far do the predictions for the leading crypto go?

First we have Lawrence Summers, former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, who, according to Bloomberg, assures that Bitcoin’s finite supply „will be a factor in driving up prices.

In addition, the former Secretary of the Treasury, although he did not dare to issue an exact prediction for crypto in the short term, believes that „some institutions“ seem to like it and, therefore, „it is here to stay“.

Secondly, we have Pantera Capital, the investment firm and hedge fund, which, according to CoinTelegraph, suggested that its data indicate that the leading crypto could be directed to USD 115,212 by August 1. Yes, gentlemen, a rather bold prediction, but will it come true?

And, last but not least, JPMorgan strategists said that Grayscale plays a key role in pushing Bitcoin to $40,000.

„The flow into the Bitcoin trust at Grayscale would probably need to maintain its pace of $100 million a day for the next few days and weeks for such a break to occur.

Steve Forbes on Bitcoin’s steady supply

Steve Forbes believes that the limited supply of Bitcoin is a disadvantage

On January 15, Steve Forbes published a Tweet where he assured that „Bitcoin is booming, but it still won’t replace the dollar.

In addition, he said that, in fact, the limited supply characteristic of leading crypto is actually a constraint when trying to meet the needs of a growing economy.

Bitcoin price remains calm in the short term

3iQ’s Leading Crypto Background Reaches Maximum with Demand

The Bitcoin Investment Fund of 3iQ Corp, the Canadian company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, reported reaching over CAD 1 billion in market capitalization.

And with this, it passed an important crypto milestone; this while its Ethereum Fund has managed to start trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The Bitcoin 3iQ Fund reported a peak in its crypto holdings

In a few lines…

  • An Australian crypto user is suing two Australian commercial banks for discrimination against his crypto business.
  • A crypto user fanatic of Petro, the Venezuelan crypto, will create an OnlyFans to share tips and educational content about Petro. But the community is surprised to have selected this platform known for other types of content.
  • Livecoin, a Russian crypto exchange, stopped its services after a hack supposedly suffered last month.

eToro applies several restrictions on its cryptocurrency services offered in France

eToro has put in place a series of restrictions on its cryptocurrency services offered in France for new and existing users. For example, new users will not be able to buy and hold cryptocurrency.

Several restrictions

The new French users eToro recorded on the trading platform after 31 December 2020 will not be able to conclude cryptomonnaies related operations.

In accordance with French law, eToro has applied to the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) for registration as a Service Provider on Digital Assets ( PSAN ). Pending the finalization of this registration, eToro has put in place a series of restrictions on its cryptocurrency services offered in France .

In addition, it is also likely that eToro’s decision echoes the recent tightening of regulations in France on identity verification procedures on exchanges.

According to the announcement , former eToro users can continue to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency on However, as of December 31, 2020, transactions concluded within the framework of CopyPortfolio activities will be limited and may no longer relate to digital assets. CopyPortfolios already open will not be affected.

As of January 24, 2021 , operations within the framework of CopyTrading activities will be suspended for all users in France.

The eToroX exchange also affected

The eToroX exchange platform will be severely limited for customers in France whether they are new customers or existing customers. eToro will individually contact all users of the eToroX exchange in France in order to organize the return of their assets .

Designed specifically for businesses and institutions, eToroX is eToro’s professional platform , combining cryptocurrency and other financial assets like Forex.

Earlier this week, eToro has followed the lead of several exchanges in suspending the trading of XRP following allegations the US financial policeman. These restrictions apply only to US users .

Bitcoin offer is not limited, Spark Token Airdrop from Ripple marks a turnaround in the XRP course, Bitcoin Whale moved 200,000 BTC from 2013 and Cardano as DeFi Gamechanger

Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) are closely linked: With Tether you can quickly enter the crypto market. The picture shows tether and bitcoin coins.

Welcome to our CryptoMonday weekly review of KW 50. As usual there was a lot to report this week and so it is not surprising that we can come up with a whole range of interesting news in front of the door.

Our topics this week range from the provocative thesis that the total supply of Bitcoin (BTC) is not limited, that the Spark Token Airdrop will take place at a possible trend reversal for the XRP course, over 200,000 BTC, which were moved for the first time since 2013 up to Cardano as a possible game changer for the DeFi space.

And of course that was far from all! But that’s enough of the preface. Have fun with our CryptoMonday weekly review!

Afterwards, let us know what the most exciting or significant events were for you this week and discuss them with our community on Telegram .

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Bitcoin and its limited supply are a misconception

Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin hardware wallet, Bitcoin storage

Statements like the one in the headline are frustrating for many. But let’s think about it a little more closely, but at the same time it is also interesting how these arise in the first place. There are still respected investment managers who do not believe in the supply limit of Bitcoin (BTC) . Their reasoning is that if it is that easy to fork bitcoin indefinitely, then there is de facto no limit on supply.

While many Bitcoiners are probably already rolling their eyes in annoyance, this article will show that there is more to this than just the lack of adequate research on the subject of Bitcoin. In this article we went on an exciting search for answers.

XRP course before a trend reversal? Ripple’s XRP threatens a price drop of up to 50%
Ripple course, XRP course

The XRP price broke out of a symmetrical triangle on Tuesday and could herald the beginning of a trend reversal.

Find out in this XRP price analysis which price target for Ripple’s native crypto currency is according to the chart formation and how likely it is that this price target will be reached in the next days and weeks. Learn more.

Ripple in front of Spark Token Airdrop: More and more XRP whales

Ripple course (XRP course) is a cryptocurrency. The XRP Coin has risen in price and the Ripple price has risen. The picture shows a chart analysis with XRP Coin.

The snapshot for the Spark Token Airdrop was taken yesterday, Saturday, December 12th, 2020. The interest in the Ripple Airdrop is obviously high. Current figures from the analysis company Santiment show that the number of XRP whales has increased significantly in the last few weeks. The demand for the cryptocurrency increased in light of the upcoming airdrop. In this article we took a closer look at the numbers for the Ripple Airdrop.

Die Anzahl der Bitcoin-Entwickler ist seit 2017 um 70% gestiegen

Das Entwicklerwachstum bei Krypto- und Blockchain-Projekten ist so hoch wie seit 2017 nicht mehr.

Die Entwicklungsaktivität konsolidiert sich unter den Top-200-Projekten nach Netzwerkwert.

Bitcoin-, Ethereum- und DeFi-Entwickler zählen: Electric Capital

Bitcoin, Ethereum und DeFi gehören zu den aktivsten Segmenten. Das Bitcoin Fast Profit erhielt in den letzten drei Jahren über 70% neue Entwickler. Währenddessen wuchs Ethereum um über 300 neue Entwickler pro Monat.

Es überrascht nicht, dass Entwickler auch zu DeFi strömten, das 2020 in aller Munde war. Seit Anfang des Jahres gab es einen Anstieg der monatlich aktiven Entwickler um 67%.
Polkadot und Filecoin Gewinnen Entwickler, während EOS verliert sie

Das Wachstum der Entwickler variiert je nach Projektschwerpunkt. Unternehmen, die sich mit Bitcoin beschäftigen und solche, die Mainnet-Launches erlebt haben, erleben dies besonders. Polkadot und Filecoin, zwei Projekte, die mit viel Pomp gestartet wurden, sahen einen enormen Anstieg des Entwicklerzustroms.

Insbesondere Polkadot und Filecoin haben ein hohes Wachstum erfahren.

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Das Trust Project ist ein internationales Konsortium von Nachrichtenorganisationen, die Standards für Transparenz entwickeln.

Electric Capital hat einen Bericht veröffentlicht, der die Trends der Projektentwicklung auf dem Kryptowährungsmarkt diskutiert. Nach mehreren Metriken ist die technische Entwicklung am stärksten seit 2017.

Das Krypto-Forschungsunternehmen Electric Capital veröffentlichte am 10. Dezember einen Bericht über Entwicklungstrends. Der Bericht bietet neue Einblicke in die technologische Untermauerung von Krypto. Insgesamt deuten die Beschäftigungstrends darauf hin, dass der Raum reift und dass sich die Möglichkeiten in Richtung Top-Projekte bewegen.

Um die Daten zu erhalten, betrachtete Electric Capital über 276.000 Code Repositories und 89 Millionen Code Commits. Dieser Aufwand ist Open Source und jeder kann dazu beitragen.

Anzahl der neuen Krypto-Entwickler: Electric Capital

Besonders bemerkenswert ist die Tatsache, dass die Zahl der neuen Entwickler seit 2017 gestiegen ist. Die Zahl der Entwickler wuchs im Jahr 2020 um 15%. Ganze 80% der aktiven Entwickler traten in den letzten zwei Jahren in den Markt ein. Die meisten von ihnen arbeiten an hochwertigen Projekten. Das Unternehmen definierte hochwertige Projekte als solche innerhalb der Top 200 Ökosysteme nach Netzwerkwert.

Steigende Anzahl von Polkadot-Entwicklern: Electric Capital

Polkadot verdoppelte seine Entwicklerzahl zwischen Q3 und Q4 2020, während Filecoin seine Zahl verdreifachte. EOS, auf der anderen Seite, verlor 88 Entwickler pro Monat im Durchschnitt.

Als prominente Lösung für die Interoperabilität ist das Polkadot-Ökosystem hier besonders relevant. Das Team fördert die Entwicklung für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungsfällen, insbesondere DeFi.

Entwickler sind in Scharen zu den Top-200-Projekten geströmt, und die Zahl der Entwickler unter diesen Projekten ist auf einem Allzeithoch. Der Bericht stellt außerdem fest, dass sowohl die Anzahl der Entwickler als auch die Entwicklungsaktivität sowohl bei „häufigen“ als auch bei „seltenen“ Entwicklern zunimmt.

Bitcoin (BTC) price at $18,400, but chart is full of bearish patterns.

In Koerskijken John van Meer takes you through the course of Bitcoin (BTC). In the technical analysis, he provides insights into the price and possible scenarios. On the basis of the charts, we discuss the current state of the price, but also look ahead.

The video updates can help you make decisions, but they are not rock-solid predictions.

Bitcoin (BTC) Analysis

In the above video John in Kurskijken discusses a number of timeframes of the bitcoin code. He concludes:

„The bitcoin price remains in consolidation mode. But there are now also a number of bearish patterns on the chart that could break out downwards. The technical targte of the head and shoulders is $16,500“.

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Blockchain technology could accelerate nuclear disarmament

The Center for Science and Security Studies (CSSS) at King’s College London is researching an “apolitical” solution to addressing nuclear disarmament problems.

On November 2, 2020, the Center for Science and Security Studies (CSSS) at King’s College London published a new studycalled „The Trust Machine“. This dealt with the potential benefits of blockchain technology in the safe dismantling of nuclear warheads.

CSSS research associate Dr. Lyndon Burford said:

Countries around the world face the critical political challenge of reducing nuclear risks, and cooperative disarmament and arms control operations can help with this task. However, governments often lack sufficient trust in one another to cooperate on such actions, partly due to strategic and legal concerns about not disclosing sensitive information.

The study also states that the multilateral nuclear order, which was consolidated under the United Nations Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), has often faced problems. These made themselves felt between nuclear weapon owners and non-nuclear weapon owners.

The latter only have the task of developing procedures in the NPT that are intended to help optimize the multilateral disarmament review. However, the technical means for this are often said to have been rather limited in the past.

Researchers are convinced of blockchain technology

With a blockchain, it is now possible to jointly manage encrypted data without central authority. The study also looks at smart contracts . These could be used to perform real-time verification. The breach of contract by one of the parties would result in an automatic notification:

Blockchain could serve as a cryptographic instrument of transfer for national declarations in disarmament processes. The parties would be able to gradually disclose sensitive data in parallel to political and strategic developments.

The study’s researchers are convinced of their idea. However, the introduction of a blockchain depends on the respective political goals of the individual nations.

Tre tegn, der afslører, hvor godt Bitcoin HODLers klarer sig

Den følgende artikel forsøger at bestemme livskvaliteten for mennesker, der har købt Bitcoin.

Men inden man går videre med det, hvad mener man med ‚livskvalitet‘ i den nuværende sammenhæng. Nå, som man kunne forestille sig, henviser det simpelthen til, hvordan Bitcoin HODLers har det – Er de i problemer? Får de panik? Er de glade?

Ovennævnte kan vurderes eller kendes ved at tage højde for tre vigtige målinger.

SOPR, ellers kendt som „brugt output-profit-forhold“, er en metrik, der bruges til at afgøre, om brugere, der købte Bitcoin til forskellige prispunkter, er rentable. Generelt, når der er et salg, vil mange mennesker, der har købt Bitcoin, være tabt. Imidlertid vil folk, der køber Bitcoin under sådanne salg, have fortjeneste, når prisen trækkes tilbage fra den nævnte salg.

Tilsvarende for SOPR-forholdet for Bitcoin på pressetid var et nyt højt niveau, et niveau uset siden maj 2020. Dette antydede, at mange mennesker er rentable, dvs. 70K Bitcoins, der tidligere blev købt, var rentable til pressetidsprisen på $ 13.312.

Så er der MPL aka Moving Profits and Losses. Denne måling svarer til den ovenfor anførte, men forskellig i den måde, den måler fortjeneste og tab. Mens SOPR tager højde for prisen på Bitcoin på købstidspunktet og den aktuelle pris, fremhæver MPL, om folk indløser deres overskud. Denne måling kan betragtes som springbrættet til ovenstående måling.

Ved hjælp af dette kan vi fortælle, om en bestemt rally er kommet til [midlertidig] afslutning eller ej. På pressetiden understregede MPL, at tabene hurtigt falder, mens overskuddet var stigende. Hvad indebar dette? Det antydede, at folk faktisk udbetaler, men ikke i et vildt tempo.

Sidst, men ikke mindst, viste FGI [Fear Greed Index], at samfundet bemærkede et markedssentiment af ekstrem grådighed. Dette forventedes, især da folk synes at nyde denne nyfundne livskvalitet på grund af stigningen i Bitcoins pris. Faktisk viste kryptokurrencyens værdi løfte, da det havde overtrådt en fremtrædende modstand på $ 12.400 efter at have gået langt ud over det. $ 13.900 vil dog være en torn i Bitcoins vej, og hvis de overtrædes, ville $ 15.250 være det næste mål for prisen på verdens største kryptokurrency.

Det ser derfor ud til, at Bitcoin HODLers ‚livskvalitet er god og god.

Yderligere 50 Satoshi-Era Bitcoins flytter efter at have været sovende i et årti

En minearbejder eller en gruppe minearbejdere, der var aktive i 2010, er begyndt at flytte deres midler på tværs af Bitcoin-blockchain, mens de holder privatlivets fred i tankerne, da en anden coinbase-blokbelønning på 50 BTC fra november 2010 blev flyttet.

Bevægelsen, der først blev set af Bitcoin Evolution, markerer tredje gang, at bitcoins udvundet i den såkaldte “Satoshi-æra” blev flyttet i år. Udtrykket „Satoshi-æra“ henviser til den periode, hvor Bitcoins pseudonyme skaber, Satoshi Nakamoto, stadig var aktiv i samfundet. Satoshi forlod kryptorummet i december 2010.

Den første sats af Bitoshi Era-bitcoins i år oplevede i alt 21 tidligere uudnyttede blokbelønninger forud for den såkaldte Crypto Black Thursday, en dag hvor prisen på bitcoin og andre top-kryptokurver sprang, da de øverste amerikanske aktieindekser kom ind på bjørnemarkedet. territorium. Den første sats involverede overførsel af 1.050 BTC sammen med de tilsvarende Bitcoin Cash (BCH) og Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Tidligere på denne måned, som CryptoGlobe rapporterede, blev en anden 1.050 BTC til en værdi af over 11,8 millioner dollars, der blev minet tilbage i 2010, flyttet igen. En del af midlerne, 9,99 BTC, blev doneret til Free Software Foundation (FSF), mens en anden 9. 99 gik til American Institute for Economic Research (AIER).

Denne bevægelse af Satoshi-æraens bitcoins omfattede også bevægelsen af ​​den tilsvarende BCH, mens BSV ikke bevægede sig. Denne seneste sats på 50 BTC fra november 2010 så ikke den tilsvarende BCH- og BSV-bevægelse.

Midlerne til en værdi af over $ 550.000 blev flyttet til tre forskellige tegnebøger.

Det er uklart, om nogen af ​​de bitcoin, der blev udvundet i 2010, og som flyttede i år, er flyttet til kryptokursudveksling, eller om der er mere end en enhed bag bevægelserne. De flyttede midler er fra slutningen af ​​2010, en periode, hvor der var en betydelig mængde minearbejdere i Bitcoin-netværket. Den første minedrift, Slush Pool, blev lanceret i november 2010.

Winklevoss twins affirm future Bitcoin rate of $ 500,000

The Winklevoss brothers believe that “the game has not really started yet”.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the prominent operators of the Gemini crypto exchange, confirmed in an interview with Peter McCormack that they are convinced that Bitcoin ( BTC ) will sooner or later break the $ 500,000 mark

„For us, the question is not whether it is going to be $ 500,000, but rather how quickly,“ said Tyler Winklevoss on October 23 in the McCormack podcast . His argument is based on a comparison to the market capitalization of gold and a possible future entry of the central banks into the market-leading cryptocurrency. „I would even argue that $ 500,000 is actually a very conservative prognosis because the game has not really started yet,“ as Cameron exuberantly relativizes his assessment.

The fact that more and more well-known companies like MicroStrategy are now making large investments in Bitcoin could be a sign that the market is slowly picking up speed. Accordingly, Cameron asks, „What if every Fortune 500 company and central bank does the same thing?“

In this regard, he then draws the comparison that the Bitcoin market is currently only in the first 10 minutes of the first half of a football game, which leaves a lot of room for improvement:

“Wall Street isn’t there yet and the institutions haven’t joined Bitcion either. So far, it has been largely a private investor phenomenon. Wall Street is already talking about it, it knows Bitcoin. She doesn’t have our eyes on it yet, but that’s slowly coming. „

The subject of the interview was a thesis paper by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, which they published in August 2020 and which is called „The arguments for a Bitcoin course of US $ 500,000“. The twins had been working on the paper since January 2020.

„We looked at what the government has been doing to the US dollar and traditional financial products, which are used as stores of value and security, over the past 10 years,“ said Cameron. When the Corona crisis gained the upper hand in March, the brothers temporarily interrupted work on the paper in order to finish it several months later. They also took into account the effects of the crisis.

As Tyler states, he and his brother first bought Bitcoin back in 2012. One of the intentions of their study was therefore to look at the development of cryptocurrency over the past 10 years.

While more and more optimistic forecasts for Bitcoin are being made in 2020, there are also pessimistic voices such as gold advocate Peter Schiff.

La banca centrale russa vuole limitare la quantità di criptovalute che gli investitori non qualificati possono acquistare ogni anno

La Russia è stata in diversi momenti ostile, insicura o incoerente con la sua posizione sulle criptovalute. All’inizio di agosto, i rapporti affermavano che il leader russo Vladimir Putin aveva firmato una legge che legalizzava le risorse digitali come il Bitcoin System.

Tuttavia, nelle scorse settimane, sono state avanzate proposte che sembrano mirate a limitare l’utilizzo delle criptovalute nel Paese

Ora, la banca centrale della Russia, Bank of Russia, sta cercando di porre un limite al numero di risorse digitali che gli investitori non professionisti possono acquistare in un anno. Secondo la proposta pubblicata dalla Banca di Russia il 13 ottobre, agli investitori al dettaglio non qualificati non sarà consentito acquistare risorse digitali per un valore superiore a 600.000 rubli russi (circa $ 7.800) all’anno. Gli investitori qualificati, ad esempio quelli con una laurea in economia e un patrimonio netto di oltre 6 milioni di rubli (o $ 74.500), tuttavia, non saranno tenuti a rispettare questo limite.

In particolare, il nuovo limite si applicherà non solo alle risorse finanziarie digitali ma anche ad altri diritti digitali. Questa nuova restrizione entrerà in vigore il 1 ° gennaio 2021, insieme alla promulgazione della prima legge cripto-centrica russa. Nel frattempo, la banca centrale della nazione sta accettando proposte dal pubblico in merito alla proposta dal 13 ottobre al 27 ottobre.

La complicata relazione della Russia con Bitcoin

Non è un segreto che la Russia abbia avuto una relazione difficile con bitcoin. Mentre alcuni analisti ritengono che il paese – che è uno dei mercati crittografici più importanti al mondo – sarà tra i primi ad implementare un quadro normativo completo per le criptovalute, non è ancora così. In effetti, sembra che il governo russo sia concentrato sulla limitazione del commercio e degli investimenti di criptovaluta nella regione.

Oltre alla nuova proposta di limitare la quantità di criptovaluta che gli investitori al dettaglio possono accumulare in un anno, la Russia ha inequivocabilmente vietato lo scambio di criptovalute peer-to-peer (P2P) LocalBitcoins.

In particolare, il regolatore del paese per le telecomunicazioni e Internet, Roskomnadzor, ha bloccato l’accesso al portale LocalBitcoins sulla base del fatto che la piattaforma sta diffondendo informazioni vietate relative all’acquisto di risorse digitali come bitcoin. I trader russi possono accedere a LocalBitcoin solo utilizzando strumenti come VPN che nascondono la loro posizione effettiva.

Le banche centrali di tutto il mondo stanno esaminando i CBDC e valutando se sarebbe sensato lanciare versioni digitali delle proprie valute legali nazionali. La Cina e le Bahamas sono senza dubbio in anticipo rispetto alle altre nazioni nei loro piani per le valute digitali nostrane. La Russia è ancora nelle prime fasi per stabilire se una valuta digitale sostenuta dalla banca centrale sarebbe inestimabile per la nazione. La Banca di Russia ha recentemente pubblicato un nuovo rapporto sulla potenziale emissione di un rublo digitale. Tuttavia, i dettagli di quando verrà lanciato il rublo digitale rimangono in gran parte sconosciuti.