EU: No plans for response to Bitcoin

The popularity of decentralized currency Bitcoin is not bypassing the EU. Just recently, “digital currency” in the laws against money laundering were recorded. Nevertheless, said Pierre Moscovici, Member of the European Commission that the monetary union is not “react” to the phenomenon Bitcoin wants.

Definition of digital currencies will be included in EU legislation, yet no plans for regulation

Bitcoin is almost everywhere a subject and therefore the cryptocurrency is hotly debated by various regulatory authorities. superior supervisory bodies from the United States, Asia and the EU, as the cryptocurrency can be regulated to be affected without the existing company by the changes. Again and again while problems such as money laundering, financing of terrorism and the evasion of taxes, which are brought into connections with crypto currencies cited as reasons users are already making a lot of money for a regulation. Therefore, the legislature of the European Union decided to take digital currencies in the fourth version of the directive against money laundering. Legally, digital currencies are in the EU now “payment instruments”.

Although some think that the EU is well on its way to contain crypto currencies, Pierre Moscovici takes a different view. According to him, the EU had to regulate no plans crypto currencies in the near future.

EU Commissioner: “We do not think that we have to respond at this time Bitcoin.”

In an interview which can be seen on “Bloomberg Surveillance”, the member of the Commission explicitly asked for a Bitcoin regulation.

“Commissioner, you deal currently with Bitcoin, and the EU is planning to take action?” The journalist Francine Lacqua asked the Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner. “At this stage we believe Bitcoin is not an alternative to currencies, not like the euro – but we see that it is much speculation,” Moscovici said.

“We see and analyze the phenomenon, but we do not think that visit the webpage we must currently respond as political and technical authority on Bitcoin.”

Talks about Bitcoin regulation will not take place

The latest version of the directive against money laundering also includes a prepaid bank cards in addition to the definition of digital currencies. The laws are similar while those from the United States. As Lacqua asked if politicians lead “talks about a Bitcoin-regulation,” Moscovici said,